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Yuliya Doster MD Gynecology, obstetrics, cosmetic and aesthetic gynecology, vaginismus treatment

Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Yuliya Doster treats her patients in the branches of gynecology, cosmetic and aesthetic gynecology, vaginismus treatment at the Yuliya Doster Clinic.

In line with her professional experience, Yuliya Doster MD, who has succeeded in creating difference and awareness in her areas of expertise, has also succeeded in taking her profession one step further in the treatment of diseases related to sexual dysfunctions, with the sexual therapy, family and couple therapy, cosmetic and aesthetic gynecology training she has received.

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    Menopause is the cessation of menstruation that occurs with the deterioration of ovarian functions and the inability to secrete estrogen. The average age of menopause is 52-54. Menopause under the age of 50 is called premature menopause.

    One of the reasons for not being able to conceive is that the tubes are closed or there are adhesions in the uterus. When couples without children apply to the doctor, it may be desired to evaluate the internal structure of the uterus and to see if there is a passage of the tubes, taking into account the diseases and operations of the woman in the history taken and the period of inability to conceive. In general, while the period of inability to conceive is one year for young couples, HSG is performed when the period is 6 months or less at an older age to determine the right treatment method. In women with a history of surgery or diseases and infections involving the uterus and tubes or the peritoneal membrane covering the intestine and internal organs, HSG evaluation should be performed at the beginning of the investigation.

    Vaginismus treatment is sexual therapy, which is a cognitive behavioral treatment method. In sexual therapy, cognitively, the woman and the couple are corrected about their sexuality and information about their own body and sexual organ, and wrong information and troublesome beliefs are corrected. It is possible for people to think correctly about their sexuality, to evaluate their own characteristics correctly, to express their preferences and to provide sexual communication in the couple. Behavioral exercises also help to create a positive memory of the body and change the focus of sexual act from fear to pleasure. It takes time for both the cognitive change brought about by the change of thoughts and beliefs and the change of behavior to be permanent. The change time is different for each couple depending on the severity of vaginismus, the duration and underlying cause of the vaginismus disease and the communication characteristics between the couple, but the full treatment is provided in 4-8 sessions and its duration varies between two and six weeks.
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